LemonMooseArt. is the creation of Becky Frogson who is an artist based in Plymouth with a multitude of different skills including painting, illustrating, installation work and dress making. Her Surreal psychedelic artwork envisages what it would be like for the mind to be free and absent without the chains of a physical form which confines to anatomy and predefined evolutionary traits and behaviors. Her art in my opinion although riddled with colour, shows a much darker side with deep flowing tones which compliment detailed structured shape although appearing to seem abstract when looking at as a whole piece.

“This work is largely based upon the constrains of anatomy and the biological ball and chain of our physicality, as if the mind was nothing but a seperate entity in nothing but a longterm haunting of our bodies. The images are made to portray a disorientating and acrid psychadelia using organic and surrealist imagery intertwined with the solid realism of human anatomical structures to portray stories of mental illness, hallucinations, mortality and drug abuse.”

Becky’s webpage is currently an online portfolio from 2009 to present. This will also be updated in the near future to prints and clothing via the seller name valiumfrog on