“Introducing J Schatz Hummingbird Feeders, the most popular flower in the garden. Hummingbirds love it the best.
J Schatz Hummingbird Feeders are what design enthusiasts and hummingbird lovers have been waiting for: a modern, colorful, gorgeous feeder that attracts hummingbirds and looks beautiful in the backyard. The hummingbird feeders are finely handcrafted in durable stoneware and are available in six brilliant colors that feature a stamen in a complementary color that ensures your hummingbirds find the food source. Each holds 1 1/2 cups of nectar (1 part sugar dissolved in 4 parts water). Made in New York. Order by 1:00PM EST. Mon.-Fri. for Same Day Shipping. Orders placed after 1:00PM and on weekends will ship the next business day. Free Ground Shipping on all orders shipped within the continental U.S.”