“Classic Space Invaders imagery created out of thousands of specially generated QR codes. Each original pixel has been replaced by a QR code that embeds it with explorable interactivity. Every code is unique and can be scanned using smartphone software.Every code – when scanned – activates an online link to a different Twitter message. These thousands of messages have been selected from random people around the globe. Some messages are inspiring, many are challenging. All are genuine.The codes making up each Invader link to messages that are all different but contain the same one keyword. Each Invader’s keyword is different. All the keywords are additional clues to the actual, undisclosed title of the piece.

Due to the nature of the internet some of the thousands of links may have expired. Some messages may have been taken down by the individual. They all may or may not disappear over time, slowly altering the nature, interactivity and meaning of the piece. This is also a comment on old media versus new media, their relationship, permanence and the tension between them.”